Polemic in Fragments

Dan Paquette

You and I have courted, even clung

to the run of the ‘isms, to the essences

of numerous ‘ologies and sacred canons.

Still have a calling? No, you are not chosen; none

under the sun are chosen—none. The Great Chain

didn’t; the Great Chain of Being isn’t.

Three writers—writers of scripture

stumble into a bar,

stumble into each other.

“It’s a miracle!” cries one.

“Embarrassing,” mutters the second.

“Gin and tonic,” says the third.

Like them, I’m with you for a round, and two

or three run-on sentences. If you must concoct

a rebuttal, please nest it in a country western song,

sprinkle in God’s Special Plan, no. 955 or 599;

For God so loved the squirrels, no, the shales; don’t

form a line; it’s to no avail, God

is a geologist (it all makes sense now), perpetually

preoccupied with rock, or is all the time being spent

(and I’m speculating here) on Olympic marmots?