Todd Melicker


: always with white porcelain or bone or teeth. a round plate. sound of flinging spoons. explosion being the source of an edge. a distillation of static friendship cannot hold.

: the need to shy away from things. to turn to glass with. who holds up the sky whose particles turn the skin to dust. i am fading in the sun. we are slow bleached by tender aggression.

: there is the danger of collapsing in the supermarket while fluorescents scents surround. you arrive on white tiles. oranges become planets rolling from your grasp. the universe spins higher.

: single bitter herb. buildings made of paper. nameless hands. begging sky. entropy. sand. glass. camel’s tongue. mortar. pestle.

: a powder for the mouth to take away pain by ingesting it. consuming it. the body torn in places you are not used to. the disregard to retain emotion. everything pollen. everything wind.