Todd Melicker


: voice filled with particles of dust. angels you can see in the light shadow spilling gold coins through the window. oh little dragon flames. a steady flutter. the moth unable to return to the night.

: the headlights coming straight at me. i am straining in the dark. the car gains speed toward a deer. sparks of my brain lit up purple. a watered eternity fills my blink, fear having a smooth surface.

: gold note—or is it gold leaf. a tree on a hinge. the door creeks to open. altitude takes on its effects.

: your hand and not mine reached over. i was tingled in the spine like a string of christmas tree lights winking. tinsel meant to be the shivers of snow. we decorate for love. we decorate for show.

: notes perched above the musical staff. the space that insects take up. the air surrounding them. the air turning cold. i’m not entirely sure.