Todd Melicker


: naked in a white room passing off the damned and the saved. standing in line with a change of blank clothes covering the privates. hair continuously damp. who’s to say death isn’t the celestial draft. no fins are given out until you’ve learned to operate a parachute.

: tone of the anchor. teeth reaching toward the bottom lip. continuous falling in triplicate. press down hard. you keep the yellow form. next in line, please. i am filing for intent: a definable land above water.

: science is preoccupied with measurement. the weight of an object is not necessarily its belief nor its coincidence. conscience. conscious. the line under which is attached the fishing lure bright shining as the sun. the endless becoming. given enough time and chances i can pass through walls, sanctioned as both particle and wave.

: heavy handed. the veins being up. could be a cause for calm. the breaking of bread. fish up against my sides, ribs for removal. there are baskets for the remainder. we’ve no less days than when we first begun.