Alex Davis

Tra di tion. One way of thought & act to pass the generations. Its passing down. As they say manner, mode, method, style. A building bit of culture. A body of precepts, mind "time-honored" practice. Entrust; deliver; hand over; betray. All these gifts dowries. Antidotes. As you please render, pardon, surrender, vend. For the fire of lobster thermidor... Pandora.

Ex per i ment. Control at test & show known truths, exams of green ideas,
experience untrieds. To tentative or innovative act. I'll try or learn trying. The
Empiric. Attempt--lead over, press forward--risk. And fear danger; peril/pirate.
The Trial.

The writer types of anthropologist—my card: all humans, all times, all dimensions of
"humans"—still digs up arrowheads and watches dances and splices decaying texts. Sets chain
weights of love triangles of first principles of old stones. The stones are sometime symbols.
To try to know peruse; preserve; leave alone. Eventually the story I read becomes the story only
of what people do when watched through that narration. Then to speak to them again we need an-

tradition is the link
experiment is this?
tradition is the spiral
experiment is controlled from
tradition is of man
experiment is to investigate what affects the
tradition is carried on
experiment is working
tradition is tradition
experiment is designed to examine the effects of
tradition is the key to longevity in an institution
experiment is doomed
tradition is timeless
experiment is launched into orbit
tradition is deeply ingrained in the people
experiment is
tradition is passed
experiment is booked using the web
tradition is our foundation for progress
experiment is failing
tradition is passed from father to son
experiment is approved
tradition is all job's fine speeches
experiment is the detection of dark
tradition is rich
experiment is to determine the amount of
tradition is joe dimaggio patrolling the outfield
experiment is to
tradition is a hardwood floor laid in strips or set to form an elegant geometric pattern
experiment is designed to help you to understand the
tradition is the greenhouse for those people who need maximum amount of growing space
experiment is necessary in
tradition is the customs established by communal experience
experiment is variable geometry
tradition is your comfort
experiment is to examine the
tradition is equal with scripture
experiment is launched in israel
tradition is inerrant or inspired as it does say about itself
experiment is performed by physical
tradition is a fallacy that occurs when it is assumed that something is better because it is older
experiment is put on hold
tradition is not fully expressed in external statements or practices
experiment is to measure the surface
tradition is the illusion of permanance
experiment is an
tradition is slowly dying out
experiment is to obtain the
tradition is born
experiment is twofold
tradition is also flourishing once again among the laymen
experiment is a
tradition is great but i prefer another big rock beer
experiment is related to 1
tradition is a second way in which god's teachings are expressed is also the answer to the question
experiment is human

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