Issue 9: Horizontal vs. Vertical
A Publication of the USF MFA in Writing Program

Having the distinct impression

Jeff Anderson

of walking in of entering of disturbance of intrusion. Chairs are lined in nothing but primes, groups of two of three of five of seven (w/ an absence of groups of four or six). Linoleum floor, complete with false perspective(s) built into the straight lines and

tone changes.

Low ceiling (seven feet, prime). A short door (five feet). Undulating hall, even, perspective lines pressing and intersecting w/ walls. Low tables and groups of chairs. The tables and chairs are grouped in primes in the undulating hall following the short door and the intersecting perspective lines in the linoleum.


Framed artwork, parallel, carving (visual) hallways in real hallways where people are sleeping. Spread across two chairs (balled) or three chairs (flat). No snores, just imperceptible shutters instantaneously gone, plumbing clicks and flows, and the

sound of someone: spitting.

Of comfort of cricks in necks and flows in pipes of creaks in walls and the phoneme /p/ of spitting. Solitary sleeping conversing w/ dual sleeping. Conversation of false perspective. Of the phonemics of spitting: /p/ or /t/ or some other

voiceless stop.

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