Issue 9: Horizontal vs. Vertical
A Publication of the USF MFA in Writing Program

questioning the necessity of glasses

Sarah Louise Green

A.        her grandfather staring out the window 15 years

            of looking for something in the steamed glass

            he died of impatience one day, but his body

            just kept on: the two shall become one flesh

            and her grandmother still has half a mind, full of

            Discovery Channel specials: The Deep Sea

            or Mars, it makes no difference which—her limbs

            will be packed into angels or urns.


B.        who has hidden the Lai-See behind the mirror?

            who has sewn the button-eyes on the rag doll?

            sweep away the days of twelve months:

            the New Year ends and begins in fire

            touching their noses to the panes as they wait

            for the good luck monkey or mercy;

            tore up the yard looking for family secrets and

            found layers: decomposing persimmons, birdbones.


C.        the Doctor lets her pick out any pair she likes

            because she was torn in two by alphabets,   

            Lichee, persimmons, she sorts fruits and

            misnomers according to color – red to brown

            hey china, hey china! your eyes are slits,

            and so is your vagina! – hop skip jump –

            the lower-case l splits down the middle,

            hole becomes home: earthbound/airborne.


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