Angela Simione

Angela Simione is a Bay Area painter and writer with a tremendous appreciation for all things black and white.  She graduated from California College of the Arts in 2008 with High Distinction in Painting and Drawing and is represented by HANG Gallery in San Francisco.  In addition to running her own on-line gallery, black fence,  and her daily blog, the shape of secrets, she is also a blog contributor for ANTLER Magazine.

Artist's Statement:
Within the trauma of the redacted document, a new context presents itself… a context in which loss, experienced by the Other, may be felt and understood. Using methods of erasure to create my own "redacted" documents, I make metaphors for the experiences of loss. I present fragments, tiny bits of evidence, allusions to a lost history. It is a poetry born of violence, and it is this violence with which my practice is concerned. What remains, in spite of secrecy, is a new document. A new identity has been constructed. A site of new hope emerges where understanding may be possible.




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