Surya Kalsi

I have previously published poetry.  I am currently an MFA aspiring novelist at USF.  My work blends style with substance, shining a light on the dark places of the human heart. 

Artist's Statement:

Caribbean.  August 2009.  Under a blazing sun, I veered away from the tourist shops finding myself in the city.  Hunting.   Turning down a sun drenched street I discovered a conversation in stone--dilapidated courtyards with pockmarked limestone, rusted wrought iron gates protecting nothing but weeds sprouting from cracked tiles.  It was St. Thomas: colloquial, uncompromising, processed by the salt heavy air, hurricanes and time.  Colors leapt.  Walls crimson and violet, loden and mustard, glutinous paint shredded by seasons.  It was St. Thomas.  Ruined.  Neglected.  Time worn and heavy with the memory of its past.  Yet beautiful in its decay.  




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