Tray Drumhann

Tray Drumhann is a mixed media artist and photographer living and working in the southern United States. Tray Drumhann has exhibited his work in galleries throughout the world including exhibitions at the the Contemporary Art Center in London and the Bruckner Art Gallery gallery in New York. Notable publications featuring Drumhann's work include: The Pinch Journal, Tiferet and Sein Und Werden.

Artist's Statement:

Tray Drumhann's work explores the inter-dependency of the tangible upon the intangible; the product upon the process. Creating a work of art is the intangible process; a very personal intimate event of communication experienced by the artist alone. The finished work is the product, the tangible. A public statement, shared by both the artist and the viewer. Although the process seems able to stand alone on it's own merit, the product depends upon the process. In actuality the process also depends upon the product to give it meaning.


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