Kelci Baughman McDowell
a.k.a. Kelci M. Kelci (Managing Editor) is a graduate of USF's MFA in Writing program. She is still working on a poetry manuscript entitled 52 Sundays but mostly spends her time dreaming of the ideal accordion-fold book to build from scraps of fine Japanese paper. She's also quite frequently rejected by various respected literary magazines. Check out her blog:


Colin Bean (Tech Editor) is currently pursuing an MS in Computer Science at USF and
working on his multitasking skills.

Stephen Beachy (Faculty Advisor) is the author of two novels, The Whistling Song and Distortion, and most recently the novellas Some Phantom and No Time FlatDistortion will be reissued any day now by Rebel Satori Press.  He has been teaching at USF since 1999. Check out his website:


Rosita Nunes (Founding Editor), a graduate of the USF MFA in Writing Program, has always had a hand in startups, transitions and turnarounds. She has held many titles over the years, and this one is among the best. Switchback is a project to be proud of, thanks to a continuing flow of talent coming together to bring it life with each issue.

Alex Davis (Co-Founding Editor) has an MFA in Writing from the University of San Francisco. His poems have been published in Five Fingers Review. He has a tattoo with hidden meaning.

Associate Editors:

Karen Biscopink is a first year MFA student studying poetry.  File-folder alphabetizer by day and folk-singer by night, Karen enjoys searching for the perfect plate of macaroni and cheese.  She collects zines and mixtapes made by/for other people.  Karen hopes to someday participate in the SF roller derby using the name "Sylvia Wrath."

Carlos Cabrera
was born and raised in Los Angeles and is never, ever going back there.

Jorge Cino has been a conflicted Argentinean expat since 2004, and that is all you need to know, for now.

Margaret LaFleur is a temp by day and a student/writer by night, though this is hopefully subject to change.  She recently claimed her domain name ( but doesn't suggest you visit unless you need another source of cat photos and random YouTube videos.

Jacques Li
is an MFA student at USF who is studying nonfiction.

Libby McDonnell often comes up with fabulously witty retorts several seconds too late. This is probably why she writes. She is a second year master’s student in poetry at USF.

Nicole McFadden obtained a BA in English Literature from the University of Oregon, where she served as a poetry editor for the Northwest Review. She graduated from USF’s MFA in Writing Program in December, completing a memoir called In the Middle of the Street.  She has taught English as a Second Language in Japan, Spain, India, and San Francisco. Nicole published an article about teaching around the world in The CATESOL News.  She currently works in educational publishing.

Alex Nemick is a first year MFA student at USF studying poetry. He has recently moved to San Francisco from Colorado and is wondering what happened to the other three seasons. 

Keith J. Powell is a first year MFA student and Ohio native. Some of the publications to carry his work include Harcourt Textbooks, the BG News, Popular Press, Dramatics Magazine, and He is the co-host of the Unshow.

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