Life in Necropolis: Four Letters

Candy Shue

Dear Immigrant,

(Official Transcript)


What is your name?

Are you known by any other names?

When were you born and how old are you?


What is the name of your village in China?

How many steps lead to the front door of your home?

How many doorways are in your house?


How many chairs surround your kitchen table?

What are the names of the people who sit in each one?

Who was the first person in your family to leave China?


How long has he been gone?

Where does he live now and what does he do?


Are you the son of the man you say you are?

Dear Ancestor,

(Smell of incense and peaches)



Dispersed by wind.

Roots fed by the dead.

Grow straight into stalks.

Search for water, light.

Harvest unknowing.

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