echo's vigil

Libby McDonnell

echo's vigil

to begin with, there's the body of her beloved, carefully observed from a distance – her
perch on a nearby rock. gradually, her restlessness foregrounds – jaw sore from too much
gum chewing; sacrum shifting and re-shifting over stone

                                          wait it out, kid – a disembodied voice from a movie – affectionately
paternal – loops in the background. what movie was that? the beloved folded letter side in,
back bent, knees tucked, head at the water. long locks of hope tangled in hair. the long sleep
that is hope. yearning

                                                                     the beloved yearning—

                out, kid, she hiccups, trying to hurry things along. psychobabble in her head – you
won't find love if you don't love yourself
. but if you love yourself too much? don't love yourself. body
of you my beloved back to me. pelvic blades gnawed by rock.                                                                                                          love

(then she fell asleep. and woke 
                           again moments later

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