Horoscope at the Discount Tire

Claire Bowman

grace has been trickling into you,
fate, a spout,
a spate
of imminent coincidences
there’s a chance this is just an
abundance of tricky luck

a future junk shop has every instrument you need
to pull off minor miracles

never mind the big woman seated across, badgering you
for a look at the newspaper.

people in the waiting room sigh,
a landscape of agitation
one man mouth agape, asleep in a chair at noon—

so, how much slack is available to you?

ask as much as you want,
but don’t go looking for lotto numbers on oil change coupons
don’t go etching the words of dead poets on your skin.

this week, your lucky numbers are 56, 33, 1 and 13.

get yourself an exotic plant and cut your hair,
leave that attitude in the shower.

given all of October’s blessings,
{hear them drop their blossoms around you}
you could exist in perfect prostration

expunge the ego,
finally salt that moth-eaten memory
and any jaded theories you may be harboring.

for now, at least, be realistic, Sagittarius,
this world, it changes overnight.