The Splendid Hotel

Andrew Kindiger

Another afternoon caked in
Light and Dreaming

Of apricot dresses pressed on apricot skies
Caring less about how mad
We seem

Finding comfort in ordinary genius
Pretending we live in an old French film
Flickering on a black and white reel

Capturing loss in an aperture
Adjusted for regal landscapes, cast in
A Still, Napoleonic purity

Outside hotels: Slinging bottles Spanish style, alone
Except for stars hovering over the turquoise lake
Draped with mountains

Tutors gather,
Before retreating to their attic window apartments
Professing that the world is made of energy, as well as

Pockets of dark, zero forces,
Obliterating the duality between all and nothing
A surging presence of chaotic emptiness
Existing amongst all else