Most Part

Taylor Napolsky

                         My shift goes 10 to 5:30 working but $12 an hour isn’t

                         cutting it. Ha ha nobody gives a fuck about that, I’m not 

the only one who earns $12 an hour you know, do

                         you realize what $8 is worth to me shit that’s almost an 

                         hour’s worth of my time, my God, no wonder I don’t

                         eat out. Wouldn’t it make a huge, huge difference if I 

                         got to ply myself in intellectual and creative practices

                         rather than spend hours every week on banal frippery 

                         labor, but tell me what you think’s best for me. Whatever

                         you’re the economics person and it’s best just to have a free 

                         market and I’m not getting older every week. Who cares

                          how other people get to spend their time. I know what

                          I’m worth, which is about $12. It’s not such a big 

               deal if my opinion’s worthless because of my social status, or if that 

                          determines how I’m perceived like, get it, a lot of us 

                         been saying what a more esteemed person says and they 

                          get noticed more ’cause they’re the one who said it which it

                          isn’t complicated I think we all recognize this for the most

        part, which it’s weird to talk about. I get it!