Mallory Bass

              not of lines

          but of opening    of wind through car windows      of late sun    walking out of water

     not of waves      not to him    but from the horizon       not of leaving 

but of continuum         of liminal   of growing fingernails the translucence of wings

not of  suture   but of reiki hands         of hovering              of projected dust

not of photograph            but of whisper drawing dark

not of distraction    butterfly   words unspent

not of meaning   but of issuance    of matter

no lesser    no other 

no transient     not there or there    but here   in here    not of answer

not of love      not love     but of love    of love    love no   love not   love of

constellation     but of proximal planets                                         proximal planets not of constellation

not of failure     not of language    but of unction

not of industry    but of warning         but of grace falls

but of magnetism    of staying   of flutter        not of despite not of surely not of sure enough

not of danger    not of circumstance   but of luck        of bafflement    of a person who sees you

of somewhere else   but here    of somewhere else too

but not that      not that always    but no    no home 

not dependence   but wonder     but that of root chakra    but that of unlock

but that     of mountain   of trees grown from mountainside        of trees crushed by boulders

of a boulder split in the stream   of a waterfall    of a log path

not of where     not of when    but if only    but if any

not of how much      not of how come    not of who does     but of out here     of beside

not of will you take me   not as I am      not will you    but of loose grain

not of almost   not of honestly    not of question

not of deserving  not of wingspan    not of cheesecloth over the brain    not of stupor       not of right

      not of good   not of pit     not of prairie   not of pressure    but of follicles      of spread     of gather

         not of radish    but of apricot   of peach leave breath   of expanse   of expanding