In Memoriam Rosita Nunes

January 27 2012

Rosita Nunes, founding editor of Switchback,  passed away on December 28, 2011, at her home in Castro Valley, after spending Christmas with her loving family—husband Stanton, sons Nicholas and Alex,  and beloved granddaughter Cali.

Over the years, Rosita lent her support to many enterprises that embodied her beliefs in social and environmental justice, strengthening community, and promoting the arts. Her vision when she entered the MFA writing program at USF was to established an online literary journal. She was the creative force behind Switchback and served as its first editor.

Today, as Switchback enters its ninth year, the gift that Rosita gave through her time and dedication continues to provide a platform for new and seasoned voices, serving as a focal point for the USF-MFA writing community, and inspiring writers and readers everywhere.

She will be deeply missed.