Another Issue Building Party in the Mid Richmond District: A Farewell

March 5 2011

Log in to staging server, create author bio, open plain text document, paste from plain text document, open formatted Word document, format from .doc, insert italics and indents...

Little by little the new issue 13 is coming together. The team here—Alex, Karen, Aysegul, Colin, and Keith via satelite—Röyksopp flowing from the stereo—type, click, paste, format, and mouse away. I periodically check the table of contents and see Aaron Shurin's two poems appear, then Heliotropes, then The Joys of Watching a Dog Fall Apart...

For me, this magical process of creating a whole from parts is bitter sweet because it is my last issue as Managing Editor. In between accepting submissions for issue 14: Global vs Local next month and building that issue in the Fall, I will demote myself to Advising Editor and hand over the reigns to Keith Powell, our fearless new leader.

This semester Switchback has undergone other organizational changes. We have appointed and initiated genre editors who head up the work of selecting for Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Art and delegate tasks to the Associate Editors. We are focusing on new types of content, opening up to publishing reviews and podcasts. We're excited to have an interview of Noel Alumit by C. Adán Cabrera, our correspondent at large currently reporting from Los Angeles.

One thing I know for sure is that with or without me the staff of Switchback will continue to do what small and independent lit mags do best—publish work from new authors and poets and support our local literary scene.

I hope you enjoy Issue 13: Intuition vs Logic and don't forget—there is still a bit of time to submit your writing and art to Issue 14: Global vs Local. The deadline is St Patty's Day.

-Kelci Baughman McDowell, a.k.a. Kelci M. Kelci