Fall Titles from McSweeney's Books!

August 30 2013

For your weekend, two hot-off-the-press reviews of forthcoming books from McSweeney's! Associate Fiction Editor Erin Berman has a look at End of Love by Marcos Giralt Torrente, and Associate Fiction Editor Charlie Kennedy tells us about Ten Years in the Tub, a collection of columns written by the much-adored Nick Hornby. "For me, it seemed that a couple of columns at a time was more than enough. I found myself frustrated at the slowness of my reading—here was Hornby ploughing through nine books in October 2004, and I was committed and bound to just reading one: his. But what a pleasure it was. A slow read, yes, but one to savour. One to dip into and out of, one to pull out of the bag when waiting for the bus, one to pick up before turning off the light at night."