Issue 5: Independent vs. Representative Voice
A Publication of the USF MFA in Writing Program


François Luong

                           out of              the sanitarium  
                           we walked              in backward  
                           steps             toward extinction  
                                                   toward anthropophagia  
                                                   toward metropolis  
because             of the skin  
because             of the face  
            you are victim             of my              g  a  z  e  
                                       for me to make  
                                               s  o  a  p              and lampshades  
                         out of you  
                   and             t  r  e  e  s             out of umbrellas  
books burn             but words remain  
like doubloons             in a ship caught  
                         in a genoan             f  i  r  e  
and into the mouth of a cave            i painted  
by my own              h  a  n  d             i will step   
in hunger             i came watching the tin witch  
crash into a wall of streaming              p  h  o  t  o  n  s  
in            the metropolis              of glassseapylon  
                         can our deformed             b  o  d  i  e  s  
                                       exist in autonomous margins  
naive primitivism is             an affect  
            of the tyranny of our human form  
a fact             written in               
                        disappearing             i  n  k  
                         as             s  k  i  n             succumbs  
to the             fixation of             liquid             l  i  g  h  t  
            and             d  i  s  s  o  l  v  e  s             into  
                         aggregates of             silver salts  
            and             a paper             e  y  e  
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